Challah for Hunger

Challah for Hunger is back at UVM! This oranization brings different kinds of people together to bake challah (sweet bread) and sell them as a club. All proceeds are be donated to the HungerFree VT and Mazon. This club is a great way to get involved and meet new people that want to help alleviate hunger in our world. 



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Below is a description of each organization Challah for Hunger Supports. Feel free to search their websites to learn more.

The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf works to alleviate hunger by
feeding people and cultivating opportunities. As the largest direct
service emergency food provider in Vermont.


The American Jewish World Service is a Jewish organization that urges our government
to respond and take action to hardships around the world and by
increasing awareness in our own communities. By donating to this
organization, we will play a part in alleviating poverty, hunger, and
disease throughout the developing world!