YOUvm Connectors

We are excited to be in the second semester of our YOUvm Connectors pilot. Thank you to all of the hard work of our first cohort!

After a year of research and development, UVM Hillel is proud to annouce the creation of YOUvm Connectors, a new and innovative leadership model that is all abbout YOU!  Your passions, your ideas and your growth.  This new model allows more students to make an impact on campus and in the community through a Jewish lens.  

Last semester, a diverse cohort of 28 students from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences tackled the challenge of building a better, stronger, and more inclusive Jewish community at UVM. They excelled in creating a wide range of experiences that reflected the growing demands of our community.

If you are interested in becoming a YOUvm Connector, please contact Sharon Silverman.